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We are into business of providing turnkey solutions in Cargo Risk Assessment, Electrical & Fire Risk Assessment. We also work in Electrical segment, providing Energy efficient solutions & clean energy solutions viz. Solar & Wind energy solutions. We also do Cleaner Production/ Cleaner Technology Assessment.

Geospec is a company with expertise of Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Integration, Installation, Turnkey Execution and After Sales Service / Support in Electrical, Solar Photovoltaic, & Microwind Energy solutions, globally, directly and through its associates.

Specialties: Cleaner Production Assessment, Energy audits, Electrical Safety Audits, Business development, Hazardous Cargo Risk Assessment, Operations, Product Launch, Competitive analysis

Dangerous Goods Pre Shipment Inspection and Vanning Inspection

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Dangerous Goods Pre Shipment Inspection and Vanning Inspection are crucial processes in the shipping industry. These inspections help ensure the safe handling and transportation of hazardous materials. During the Pre Shipment Inspection, the goods are thoroughly examined to determine if they meet the necessary safety regulations and are properly packaged. This includes checking if the labeling and markings are correct, the packaging is secure, and the documentation is accurate. Vanning Inspection, on the other hand, focuses on the loading and securing of the goods inside the container. This inspection verifies if the container is suitable for the type of dangerous goods being transported and if the goods are properly stowed and secured to prevent any accidents during transit. Both inspections play a vital role in minimizing risks and ensuring compliance with international safety standards.

Commodities Pre Dispatch Inspection & Loading Inspection

Commodities Pre Dispatch Inspection & Loading Inspection is a crucial step in ensuring the quality and integrity of commodities before they are dispatched and loaded for transportation. This process involves a comprehensive assessment of the commodities to verify their compliance with specifications and standards set by the relevant authorities. The inspection includes checking the quantity, quality, packaging, labeling, and overall condition of the commodities. Through this inspection, any potential issues or discrepancies can be identified and addressed before the commodities are shipped, minimizing the risk of damage, loss, or non-compliance during transportation. By conducting a thorough inspection, companies can ensure that they are delivering high-quality commodities to their customers, thereby building trust and enhancing their reputation in the market.

Over Dimensional Cargo Pre Dispatch Inspection

Over Dimensional Cargo Pre Dispatch Inspection involves the thorough examination of large, oversized or heavy cargo before its departure. This inspection is crucial to ensure the safe transportation of the cargo and prevent any damage or accidents during transit. The inspectors carefully assess the dimensions, weight, and overall condition of the cargo, taking into account any special handling requirements or restrictions. They also verify the proper securing and packaging of the cargo to minimize the risk of shifting or instability during transportation. By conducting this pre-dispatch inspection, potential issues or non-compliance with regulations can be identified and addressed in a timely manner, guaranteeing the smooth and secure delivery of over dimensional cargo to its destination.

Cleaner Production Analysis & Cleaner Technology Assessment

Cleaner Production Analysis is a systematic approach used to identify and evaluate opportunities for reducing environmental impacts and improving resource efficiency in industrial processes. It involves analyzing the entire production cycle to identify areas where waste, emissions, and energy consumption can be minimized. By implementing cleaner production practices, companies can reduce their environmental footprint and achieve cost savings through increased efficiency. On the other hand, Cleaner Technology Assessment focuses on evaluating and selecting cleaner technologies that can be used as alternatives to existing processes or products. This assessment helps companies identify innovative technologies that can reduce pollution, conserve resources, and improve overall sustainability. By incorporating cleaner technologies, companies can enhance their competitiveness, comply with environmental regulations, and contribute to a greener future.

Electrical Safety Audit

An electrical safety audit is a comprehensive assessment of the electrical systems and equipment in a building or facility to ensure they are in compliance with safety standards and regulations. It involves a thorough examination of electrical installations, wiring, grounding, and equipment to identify potential hazards or deficiencies that could pose a risk to people or property. The audit typically includes visual inspections, testing, and documentation to assess the condition and performance of electrical systems. It also evaluates the effectiveness of safety measures and procedures in place, such as emergency response plans and protective equipment. By conducting regular electrical safety audits, organizations can proactively identify and address any issues to prevent accidents, injuries, or electrical failures, promoting a safe and secure environment for everyone.

Fire Safety Audit

A fire safety audit is a comprehensive evaluation of a building or facility to assess its level of preparedness and compliance with fire safety regulations. Conducted by trained professionals, this audit aims to identify potential fire hazards, assess the effectiveness of existing fire safety measures, and recommend improvements to enhance the overall fire safety of the premises. During the audit, various aspects are examined, including the presence and functionality of fire alarms, sprinkler systems, emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and evacuation plans. The audit report provides valuable insights and recommendations for potential fire risks, necessary upgrades or repairs, and training requirements for occupants. Regular fire safety audits are crucial to ensure the safety of occupants and minimize the risk of fire-related incidents.

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