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Flood Lights-GSFLF HPSV/MH 70W/150W/400W/1000W - Geo Spec

Flood Lights-GSFLF HPSV/MH 70W/150W/400W/1000W



We are engaged in manufacturing of flood lights which are provided to our clients in power of GSFLF HPSV/ MH 70 W/ 150 W/ 400 W/ 1000 W. Made of corrosion and flame resistant die cast aluminum housing, these are used for area lighting, illumination of monuments, construction sites, coal & railway yards, airports, stadiums, facade lighting and high mast lighting.


* Heat resistant neoprene rubber gasket
* Lamp Holder base GES – (E-27/ E-40) skirted porcelain
* Pre wired up to terminal block with IP- 65 protection
* High efficiency dotted special reflector
* High efficiency open/polyester filled copper ballast
* Powder coated painted
* Electronic igniter & PF correction capacitor
* Toughened glass cover fitted with SS toggles mounted on MS cradle


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